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numerical modelling to reproduce fragmentation of a

1. Introduction - Hindawi

The dimension of the numerical model is 100mm×20mm×40mm, and the center distance between two cutters is 45mm. The properties of rock material, loading, and boundary conditions in the numerical model of two disc cutters are the same as that in the numerical model of one disc cutter. Figure 7. Mechanism of rock fragmentation by two TBM disc

A discrete interaction numerical model for coagulation

A discrete interaction numerical model for coagulation and fragmentation of marine detritic particulate matter Gwenaëlle Gremion 1, Louis-Philippe Nadeau 1, Christiane Dufresne 1, Irene R. Schloss 2,3,4, Philippe Archambault 5, and Dany Dumont 1 1 Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski, UQAR, Québec-Océan, Rimouski (Quebec), Canada 2 Instituto Antártico ARMA Symposium -- Short course on Modelling Coupled Jun 21, 2016 · Omid is president and CEO of Geomechanica. Omids areas of expertise range from numerical and experimental rock mechanics to the development and use of hybrid continuum-discontinuum numerical methods to in- vestigate failure processes in rocks. Modeling of Coupled H-M Processes in Geomechanics 4.

Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2016, Vol. 8(6) 111

the second when the cutting disk spacing is relatively small. The numerical modeling was verified to accurately capture the fragmentation of rock induced by disk cutter. Keywords Tunnel boring machine disk cutter, rock, material model, cutting force, fragmentation Date received:28 September 2015; accepted:5 April 2016 Collapse of a twodimensional brittle granular column Aug 24, 2015 · Our model relies upon a discrete element method which has already been proved to reproduce correctly dry granular flows (with no fragmentation) in various geometries [Silbert et al., 2001; Bi et al., 2005; Taberlet et al., 2008; Morgan and McGovern, 2005a, 2005b]. In addition to classical granular interactions (friction and repulsion), we add

Combined Finite-Discrete Element Modelling of Dynamic

Feb 04, 2021 · A combined finite-discrete element method (FDEM) is proposed to model the dynamic fracture, fragmentation, and resultant muck-piling process during mining production by blast in underground mine. The key component of the proposed method, that is, transition from continuum to discontinuum through fracture and fragmentation, is introduced in detail, which EODVWLQJXVLQJ'LVFUHWH numerical analysis is compared to rock fragment distribution fieldwork data. It shows that DEM-PBM simulation could reproduce the trends observed in fieldwork rock fragment distribution. Comparison between fieldwork data and numerical analyses is presented and discussed. 1.

Experimental and numerical study on fragmentation of

Thus, numerical simulations that do not account for fragmentation during impact can underestimate the perforation resistance of protective structures. Previous numerical studies have focused primarily on the target plate behaviour. This study considers the behaviour of the projectile and its possible fragmentation during impact. Frontiers Source Mechanism of Seismic Explosion Signals Feb 26, 2021 · For all models, the same density values (halfspace:2,700 kg/m 3, top layer:2000 kg/m 3) as for the dispersion curve inversion are used for the numerical modeling. Three different mechanisms are considered for the source:1) explosion source, 2) downward directed vertical single force (VSF) and 3) the opening of a vertical crack.

Numerical Simulations of Highly Porous Dust

2 R. J. Geretshauser et al.:Numerical Simulations of Highly Porous Dust Aggregates more than 20 ms1. Thus, collisional growth beyond centimetre size seems to be possible and the exact outcome of the fragment distribution is crucial for the understanding of the growth mech-anism. Numerical models that try to combine elaborate pro- Numerical investigation on rock fragmentation by cutting The brittle cracking model was adopted to describe rock macroscopic mechanical characteristics in the numerical model of rock fragmentation by a cutting head, which could simulate the failure and fracture behavior of brittle materials in tension, shear, or combined tension and shear, such as concrete decomposition or rock fragmentation.

Numerical modeling of oil shale fragmentation experiments

@article{osti_5050418, title = {Numerical modeling of oil shale fragmentation experiments}, author = {Kuszmaul, J S}, abstractNote = {The economic development of modified in situ oil shale retorting will benefit from the ability to design a blasting scheme that creates a rubble bed of uniform permeability. Preparing such a design depends upon successfully predicting how a Numerical modelling of slopevegetationatmosphere Researchers have followed two alternative numerical strategies, modelling cracking in either a continuum or a discontinuous medium. Both finite-element and finite-difference methods (FEM and FDM) have been employed and represent the simplest way within traditional slope stability modelling to reproduce the main effects of cracks.

Numerical modelling of slopevegetationatmosphere

The behaviour of natural and artificial slopes is controlled by their thermo-hydro-mechanical conditions and by soilvegetationatmosphere interaction. Porewater pressure changes within a slope related to variable meteorological settings have been shown to be able to induce soil erosion, shrinkageswelling and cracking, thus leading to an overall decrease of the available Numerical modelling of the rock fragmentation III ABSTRACT In this thesis, the rock fragmentation process by mechanical tools is investigated using numerical method. The rock and tool interaction code (R-T2D) is first developed on the basis of the rock failure process analysis (RFPA) model

Rock fall numerical modelling using a combined finite

An innovative approach based on the combined finite-discrete element method (FEM/DEM) has been applied to rock fall simulation. Such a numerical tool explicitly takes into account rock deformability, fracturing and fragmentation and allows to simulate multiple interacting bodies. Results from rock fall full-scale tests were used to calibrate the numerical model and Simulation of Dynamic Fracturing of Continuum Rock in fracture and fragmentation mechanism through numerical models so as to obtain a better understanding of the do- minant parameters that control blast results. In rock blasting, it is generally agreed that two types of loading operate on the surrounding rock:stress wave (or shock wave) loading and explosion gas pressure loading.

Numerical modeling of rock fracture and fragmentation

Jun 26, 2015 · However, practical and numerical difficulties prevent its application in practical cases. For the method based on multibody dynamics, the discrete element method (DEM) 9 was employed to simulate the fracture and fragmentation of rock materials since the fracture and fragmentation are the process from integrated state to granular state. The DEM, also called a distinct element method, is any of a family of numerical

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