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api drilling tools nc 50 thread protector for drill pipe

API 5CT Thread Protector - API 5L Line Pipe, Foam

A thread protector is a type of auxiliary products of oil drill pipe and oil casing drilling tool, as its name implies, it used to protect the thread and pipe ends and prevent the unnecessary damages in the process of loading, unloading, transportation and storages.we manufacture and supply a wide range of thread protectors form 203/8' to 13-3/8' according to API 5CT, oversize thread

API Connections - NOV

Because they are public domain, API connections can conveniently be serviced in most drill stem repair facilities around the globe. The specifications for products featured with these drill stem connections can be found in API Specification 5 DP, Specification 7-1, and 7-2 latest editions. Connections Command TubularThe minimum OD varies with what grade and weight the drill pipe is. As an example a 4 G105 15.7 lbs/ft drill pipe with 5 ¼ x 2 7/16 NC40 connections has a premium class minimum OD of 5. The same drill pipe with a CDS40 connection will have a premium minimum OD of 4 3/4.

DRILL PIPE - tmk-group

Drill pipe (DP) drill pipe body with tool joints welded on using friction-welding pro-cess. Tool joint component used to connect drill pipe lengths to form a drill string. Tool joint pin is connected to one drill pipe end, the tool joint box is connected to the other pipe end. In this case, tool joint parts are welded to drill pipe body. Double Shoulder Drill Pipe Connection TPS TECHNITUBE icon Double Shoulder Drill Pipe Connection TPS Double Shoulder Drill Pipe Double Shoulder Connections Double Shoulder Connections are particularly suited for difficult operations, such as extended and deep drilling, horizontal and slim hole wells. TPS-DS (Double Shoulder) offers many advantages compared to Standard API Drill Pipe connections.

Drill Pipe Thread Protectors Size Chart

NC-56 PIN NC-56 REG 6 5/8" PIN 6 5/8" BOX IF 6 5/8" PIN 6 5/8" BOX 6 5/8" PIN 6 5/8" BOX H90 6 5/8" PIN H90 6 5/8" REG LH 6 5/8" PIN REG LH 6 5/8" BOX REG 7 5/8" PIN REG 7 5/8" BOX H90 7 5/8" H90 7 5/8" BOX Drill Pipe Thread Protectors (Available in Light Duty Open End Plastic, Heavy Duty Closed End Plastic, & Pressed Steel) 713-463-6339 sales Drill Pipe for drill rig drill strings - Drilling SuppliesAlso called a "saver sub," threads into the rotary head and drill pipe, protects the threads of the rotary head, considered to be part of rotary head. Drill Pipe Available in a variety of lengths, diameters, wall thicknesses, and thread configurations.

Drill Pipe manufacturers & Drilling Pipe Manufacturers

With same wall thickness, the torsional performance can increase by 40%~60% compared with API NC connection, Flush ID, More OD wear allowance compared with API NC connection before downgrading. Heavy Weight Drill Pipe. Integral / Welded HWDP Sour Service HWDP. HWDP Nominal Size:2-7/8" to 6-5/8" Integral HWDP Grade:AISI 4145H or 4145HM Drill Pipes Drill Pipe Specificationsdrill pipe, drill pipes, API drill pipes. Drill Pipe Specifications

Drill String Design - cu

Square drill collars; special drilling purpose such as reducing deviation in crooked hole formation K-monel drill collars; non-magnetic steel for survey instrument Drill String Accessories Heavy-wall drill pipe Has the same OD of drill pipe and reduced ID Used between DP and DCs Manufactured in four sizes:3 ½, 4, 4 ½, 5 in. and in length 0f GPDS - NOV Inc.An NC 50 connection on 5 inch 19.50 lb/ft S135 drill pipe is downgraded to API Class 2 when the OD wears below 6 5 16 inches. GPDS 50 can tolerate wear down to a diameter of 5 15 16 inches, resulting in an improvement of over 100% in tool joint wear allowance. 20,000 Decreasing Tool Joint OD API Connection Operational Envelope e GPDS

Holly Pipe Machine Shop Services - Holly Pipe Drill Pipe

Nugent Special Thread Corp. (NST®), Holly Pipe's CNCmachine shop, is capable of threading its own NST connection as well as all rotary shouldered threads including drill pipe connections, pipe casing connections, dual flow subs, customer designed threads or older obsolete threads.All of NSTs drilling tools are inspected with the same level of quality assurance to PLASTIC THREAD PROTECTORS STEEL THREAD Revata Engineerings Pressed Steel Thread Protectors are designed & manufactured to protect the API Drill pipes, Drill Collars connections and tubing made as per API 5D, 7&5CT respectively. Features: Maximum Protection for tool joint threads. Maximum Protection for tool joint seals. Maximum Protection from Corrosion.

Secoroc Rock Drilling Tools Product catalogue DTH

Secoroc Rock Drilling Tools Product catalogue DTH equipment. 3 Contents G= Gauge protection insert T= Fish thread Type of 1= Drill bit 2= Drill tube 3= Adapters Shank design Examples: 45 = Power Pole Drill, DHD shank 50 = QL Std hammer 53 = Aqua (QL non lube) hammer 60 = TD Std hammer 68 = QLX Std hammer Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements - APISpecification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements ANSI/API SPECIFICATION 7-1 FIRST EDITION, MARCH 2006 User is advised to take this into account when initiating purchase agreements for heavy weight drill pipe if such drilling conditions are anticipated. 10.1.1 Sizes 5 5 3 6 5/8 3 NC 50 5 1/8 5 1/2 2 3/4 3 1/4 3 1/4 3 3 3/8 3 3/8 3 1/8


5" OD Drill Pipe, G-105, NC-50 Conn's. 2 Armacor-M 47 300 64,1 Type Range Convensional IEU, 19.5 # Cross Sectional Area New Convensional=welded T-J. / Integral=Monoblock Internal plastic coating Tensile yield pipe Torsional yield pipe Connection type NC-50 Standard G-105 TK-34P 78,1 13 300 Burst pressure Drift diameter 92 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 5 OD Drill Pipe, S-135, NC Tool-joint/Drill-pipe torsional ratio TUBE DATA Ref. Enclosed page TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 80% Remaining Body Wall DESCRIPTION Spec. No.:DP-5-02 1,09 1,39 43 300 Premium CONNECTIONS DATA OD x ID Hardbanding Material grade 5" OD Drill Pipe, S-135, NC-50 Vam Eis Conn's. 2 Arnco-300 XT 76 000 103,0 Type Range Convensional IEU,

TSDS TSC Drill pipe

2. Premium Class drill pipe data is based on a minimum wall thickness equal to 80% of new drill pipe nominal wall thickness, reference API RP7G. 3. Specified tool joint OD is smaller than the standard API tool joint for 4-1/2 drill pipe. New and/or used tool joint size might not be suitable for hoisting the drill string with a bottle neck elevator. Thread Protector Inc, Cast Lifting BailsCast thread protectors are used to lift tool joint, drill pipe, stabilizers, drill collars, subs, drill bits and other oilfield and mining type API threads. Provides a safe platform to connect cables to drilling tools. Design criteria alloy 3-times single collar weight per size for maximum lift capability. Sizes and types are available for most API tool joints

Tianjin Richsen Technology Co., Ltd. - Casing Coupling

Deep Hole Drilling Tools Indexable Counterbore for rough and semi finishing machine Oilfield Drill Pipe Protectors Tool Joint Thread Protectors Pin Box. $10.00 5 Pieces (Min. Order) API Pipe thread protector 2-3/8 to 20" For Drilling Tool. $5.00 - $50.00 / Piece. 100.0 Pieces (Min. Order) API Drill Pipe Thread Protector Manufacturer Pin Welcome to Drill Pipe International, LLCDrill Pipe, Tool Joint & Assembly Data; Performance Characteristic Sheet; Contact Us :Drill pipe International offers new drill pipe with API threaded connections for each of the various sizes. Besides API connection, DPI provides pipe with double shoulder connection (DPDS) & High Torque connections (DPHT). 10.4 -S135 NC 26 3.375-1.750 . 2


Drill pipe data tables The following tables provide data for the drill string. Data are given for the pipe body, tool joint, and drill pipe assembly. The tool joint sizes displayed represent common O.D. and I.D. configurations, although additional size com-binations are available.Thread Products, Inc Drill Pipe Protectors2-3/8" - 8-5/8". FH. 4" - 6-5/8". Quality Products for Thread Protection. Tool joint thread protectors will protect drill pipe, bits, stabilizers, collars, and all API type Spec 7 connection. types. Provides connection face, thread, and ID from. contact, impact and environmental hazards.

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